About The Law Offices of Leyva & Night

The law firm Leyva and Night, APC was formed by Michael L. Leyva and Allan S. Night in the summer of 1992.  After working together for a period of time at two other law firms, the founding partners took on the responsibility of forming a firm dedicated to the representation of seriously injured individuals in and around the Greater Los Angeles area.  Since that time, the law firm of Leyva & Night, APC established itself as a recognized leader in Personal Injury and Workers' Compensation law in Southern California. Throughout our history, we have fought to win justice for all our clients while obtaining judgments and settlements in the multi millions of dollars.

Our Specialization

Leyva & Night, APC specializes in representing persons who have suffered serious and disabling injuries regardless of the source of injury.  Many of our clients have been injured in automobile accidents, construction accidents, workplace accidents, or may have been exposed to a defective product, medical malpractice, toxic exposure or unsafe condition at a premise or public location.   Injuries to our clients have ranged from spinal injury to carpal tunnel syndrome to comatose victims that resulted from brain injury and have on occasion lead to wrongful death cases.  Michael Leyva is a Certified Specialist with the State Bar of California and has developed a reputation for effectively representing employees who are injured at work, or have suffered any form of occupational illness, exposure or continuous trauma that develops over time.  These types of cases include Heart Attack, Stroke, and other non-typical workplace traumas.

Our Expertise

After 18 years of representing the injured, our experience and expertise allows us to review and analyze your claim and coordinate all aspects of your claim, including handling any potential third-party cases that may be present including any products liability cases, premises liability, general negligence or toxic tort case that may be linked to your injury.  Our knowledgeable and bilingual staff of 20 has the shared resources to focus on each client's needs to insure that the client’s experience with a law firm is a positive one.

Leyva & Night, APC and their attorneys are committed to serving the community in a variety of ways.  Attorneys on staff serve or have served on a variety of Boards of Directors, including educational groups such as School Boards and Headstart.  Leyva & Night attorneys also serve on the Board of Directors for religious organizations, charity groups, non-profit organizations, and a professional baseball team.  Mr. Leyva has served the last 2 years as President of CAAA Los Angeles and was past President of the Mexican American Bar Association (WC), and a founding member of Latino Comp.

The Law Offices of Leyva & Night, APC will be with you all the way!

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